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Faction Horde
Guild Master Lal
Officers Algarôk Billybobtoto Listerfiend
Requirements To know a fellow Idiot
Guild Focus Silly RP

We are the non-elite who rock your world.

We are the ones that leave you questioning the breeding habits of Humanoids.

We are the ones that you wish to /hug if only to get the [Make Love Not Warcraft] achievement.

Sure I'm a low level and you can threaten me with your huge axe, I might even cower, but frankly it doesn't matter. We come in masses. One idiot is but a blip on the scale of annoyance, something you can so easily /ignore, but when in mass, we are a force to fear.

Every dog his his day, every village his it's idiot, and this community has a lot.

We may not be <Acies>, we may not be <The League>, but we have something they don't. Low self esteem and absolutely no regard for decency. (OK, ok... Acies has the latter, but they have NELFS! EWWW!)

SURE we aren't as cool as those <Lucky> folks, but well, shucks, they're pirates.

Disclaimer: Right now we are unable to accept recruits who are not humanoid. Murlocs may only apply if they can speak clear Orcish, though this rule may be waved if you do a good Ironskull impression. Sorry, we can not accept Harpies due to an allergy issue. Worgan must show proof that their shots are up to date. All Quilboar must be dequilled. Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.

And dear God, whatever you do, do NOT feed the Billybobtoto. Thank you and have a nice day.

Out Of Character DisclaimerEdit

First off, this is not a griefing guild, we come in peace, kinda. This is for RPers who do not take themselves seriously all the time and might have characters who might be a few copper bolts short of a Mechanical Squirrel. Hell, you don't even have to be completely insane to enjoy the tag <Village Idiot> under your name.

Second of all, be prepared in /guild for bad puns, girl #%%! jokes and sexual innuendos. Maturity and a immature sense of humor is required to understand half the crap I say.

If you are interested, hit me up in game with a message or a /w if I'm on, or on Alessandrae, or Aless, or Devica, or one of my 50 billion others. Whatever.

Oh, and the guild tabard is pink. :-\

Also have nothing against any of the fore mentioned guilds. You just happened to be the only ones I could think of.

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