Not much of stuff to put here. Pretty much, I'm just someone that put this all together. Not my content, I sucked most of it from the Earthen Ring Wikia - I just set it up for the Sentinels community. Would love if others were willing to contribute their own content to us, allow the site to get a face of its own.

I have one character that I've gone public with, which is Niain - my favorite, truly.

I take RP seriously, it's why I came to this realm in the first place; and I'm always willing to RP with anyone that'll at least try to really play in this world.

Send me a letter or whisper in the game if you ever want to talk, I'm always willing to chat.

Forms of PraiseEdit


See? Not even Telina should be allowed to kill Nia, I play her just that awesomely.

Supreme Evil

Malice, Mischief, and Psychosis are talents that take time to develop. Censored at request, the pansy.

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