• Application: Contact Guild Leader or any of the officers in game or via the mail system, or post a message on our website, to let us know you are interested. We like to try t include everyone that we can and the people that are abusive will be filtered out and dismissed.
  • Requirements & Restrictions: All Alliance races, classes and levels are welcome, we have characters from lvl 1 to 70. Friendly and a willing attitude towards helping others. The ability to work as a team player is a must.
  • Restrictions: We do not allow OOC abuse or disrespect of other players of either faction under any circumstances.

Focus and InformationEdit

  • Guild Focus: Our guild is a best described as a Jack of all Trades, master of none. We are focused on helping our members, no mater what level they are. Tradeskills are a big part of the guild as it is a great way to help each other. We offer a free flow of goods and services through out the guild. PvP, raids, and instance runs are all enjoyed by the guild but none are a primary focus of the guild. All in all The Storm's call is a place for friends to gather and have fun.
  • Guild Information: The Storm's Call is an alliance guild on the RP realm Sentinels. Storm's Call was born in a distant world of Neverwinter Nights and evolved into one of the top ranked Persistent world servers the game had to offer. While at NWN our focus was heavily on role play and creating a world shaped by player story line. With the promise of NWN2 on the horizon our player base dissolved and soon our adventure came to an end. Slowly we, one by one, resurfaced on the evilness we called World of Warcraft. For some of us it was a temporary place to play others it was a permanent stay. After the forming of our guild, friends from the gaming world and real life began to fill our ranks creating a unique blend of people that form the Storm's Call.

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