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Contacts: FiammetaLavalia
Applications: Forums are mainly inactive as it is an alt guild. Feel free to speak to Fiammeta.
Requires: Level 10 +, Female Gender (IC)
Guild Focus: Heavy RP

The Golden Veil is a Companion's House, located in the Dwarven District of Stormwind. The girls of the house are well mannered women, who have been trained at length in various artistic and academic studies. If anyone is seeking to hire one of these girls, they may seek out Mistress Fiammeta Castelon.

(*See OOC Notes below for further information on contacting this guild.*)

History Edit

The Golden Veil was formed by Mistress Fiammeta Castelon seven years following the Third War. She rented the building in Stormwind and took a year renovating and preparing as well as establishing needed business connections.

The Golden Veil has been running for a year now, with fully operational staff. Which includes the Companions, their butlers, and a tutor.

Members Featured in Wiki:Edit

Fiammeta Castelon

OOC Notes:Edit

((Namely to anyone seeking to hire any member of the Golden Veil. I will make this as clear as I possibly can. We are not an ERP guild. All interaction is for furtherance of RP and story purposes only. Scenes are fade to black. No funds (in game or out of) change hands, because we do not offer any real services. If you have any other questions please feel free to hop on over to our forums or contact us in game. ~Fia

Also, as it may be noted in requirements for applying to us. We do not accept applications from male characters. It is not conducive to the type of atmosphere we seek to create IC. This now includes gay males as well. ))

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