Guild Argent Assassin
Title The Red
Nicknames Bastard
Game Name Tabris
Class Rogue
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 22
Height 5'9"
Weight 168 lbs.
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Pale
Alignment Chaotic Good
Professions Miner


Elwynn ForestEdit

Tabris, a human boy with an elven name, was born in small town of Goldshire. His mother was a local working woman, and he would never know his father. Unlike most parents in the area that attempted to move into Stormwind to give their children a proper education, Tabris was forced to remain in Goldshire and learn on his own. He taught himself how to survive in the forests and quickly took a disliking to the teasing the locals gave him for both his mother's profession and his own lack of education. He was regarded as a menace by everyone who knew him, and quickly earned himself a nickname he wasn't proud of: he was the Bastard of Elwynn.

Growing UpEdit

Tired of the life he lead Tabris fled the town of Goldshire in an attempt to find acceptance and adventure. (More Coming Soon)

The Argent DawnEdit

(More Coming Soon)


Table MannersEdit

Tabris seems to have a complete lack of Table Manners. It is not uncommon for him to forgo the use of eating utensils all together for the the more obvious choice of his hands. He speaks with his mouth full, and has a habit of using his gloves as a napkin. He comments frequently that his goatee is a ration-net for leftovers.


The name has carried with him everywhere and those who know his history or him personally almost never refer to him as anything but "Bastard." While the name used to anger him, his hatred has gone by the wayside and has since become an acceptable nickname in his eyes.


Tabris prefers to never speak of his mother, often changing the subject quickly. In the past he has resorted to violence to ensure he wouldn't have to speak of her. During his adventurers she passed away from an illness acquired on the job.

The LightEdit

Tabris speaks openly of his adventures prior to the plaguelands. He rarely, if ever, speaks of the Argent Dawn, despite being directly associated with them. He holds his job, and his belief in The Light in the highest regard.

"The Red"Edit

How Tabris' name The Red came to exist is debatable. Initially it was believed it was because of the color of his hair, but in reality the name came from officers in the Argent Dawn after he first wore the red-dyed leather given to him for his job. When in his work attire referring to him as The Red is acceptable, but outside of work he has a tendency to confuse the name with the common ginger insult.

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