Symphony of Eternity
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Faction Horde
Guild Master Elitharan Dawnblade
Officers Anivanthus, Khenti, Asinity,
Application See website
Requirements Lore-based RP
Guild Focus RP, Raiding, PvP, Community



The Symphony of Eternity is a lore-based heavy RP guild made up predominantly of Blood Elves, though it is not race-specific. SoE strives for excellence in RP but also do some end-game raiding (even if it is not the focus of their existence) and some group PvP (World, BG and Arena). Their focus is more on the people within the guild, ensuring that they have friends as well as guildmates.

A Letter of IntroductionEdit


Forming of the SymphonyEdit


Elitharan, Anivanthus, Asinity, Medelitha and Jyrunai

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The SongEdit


RP - Recon in AQ

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Meeting in Booty Bay

Elitharan Dawnblade - Singer
Anivanthus - Officer
Khenti Sunseaker - Officer
Asinity Daes'vega - Officer
Terok Dawneagle - Officer
Derusilla Raincry - Songbearer
Dorac Arystar - Songbearer
Kilrroy - Songbearer
Soarian - Songbearer
Amirynth Delnaria - Listener
Ger'fan Kelenth Montague - Listener
Kelion - Listener
Maarek - Listener
Malis Vitterfolk - Listener
Sum'thelas Scrywind - Listener
Opheliah - Listener
Vuel'thanel Sunwing - Listener
Kalastrophie Firestorm - Initiate
Blaize Dawnbow - Alt
En'Aiel Scourgebane - Alt
Eniki - Alt
Jorryn Chieri Amh'Ran - Alt
Kitarrien Dawnsorrow - Alt
Quintessa Landoberct - Alt
Simii Jin 'Akalar - Alt
Tai'jin Vitterfolk - Alt
Thazranir Starfallen - Alt
Ro'neylee Scrywind - Alt
Urusk - Alt

Guild ranking information may be found here.

Raid ProgressionEdit


OOC Silliness in Karazhan

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Dorac Arystar

What is the Symphony of Eternity?
The Symphony of Eternity a group of like-minded individuals (mostly Sin'dorei) who are seeking to return Sin'dorei race to its former glory by whatever means possible. The guild's future goal is to take control of Hyjal and the remnants of the Well of Eternity and create a new, uncorrupted Sunwell so the Sin'dorei can once again be indepedant of all outside forces.

Is the guild only open to Blood Elves?
No, though the characters involved must also share the vision of the guild. We have several members from other Horde races, but most are either former Sin'dorei themselves (but are now Forsaken) or have worked into their backstory a way for their characters to share our guild's goal.

What type of RP guild is Symphony of Eternity?
We consider ourselves a heavy RP guild, but do not have an IC guildchat. The reason for this is there's plenty of opportunity for our characters to get to know each other, but guild chat is the means that we use to get to know the player. If you didn't want actual human interaction with your RP, then perhaps an MMO was a bad idea. We do have an IC channel that is frequently used both for IC silliness and serious matters.

Are there Sin'dorei nobles amongst the Symphony?
If there are, then it's not a big issue with us, as they've obviously accepted our ideals and embraced the idea of change. We believe the nobles of Silvermoon, while they have their uses, are mostly responsible for the corruption in the race and are the biggest threat to the complete downfall of the culture. We've seen what happens when nobles cling to their ways in the face of dire need for change, and we don't want to repeat their mistakes. (Hi, Lordaeron.)

To clarify, if a noble is willing to hear the Song, then they're fine with us. If a noble in our ranks is found wanting to fight just to maintain their titles or estate, we'll have to have a talk.

Story ListingEdit


Ser Asinity Daes'Vega

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Artwork ListingEdit


Roy and Eniki by Khenti


Khenti the herbalist by Amelia


Malis helps Asinity complete a quest by Malis


Vayrn by Khenti


Dorac celibrates his birthday by Malis

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