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Strength & Honor is looking for a few good Sentinels. Heavy RP in nature. The guild is Ruled by the High Lady Kalah, and administered by her Lords, Ladies, and their Knights. We have a place for you, if you are worthy.

S&H is a small, tight knit guild of approximately 65 souls. We choose quality over quanity when recruiting. Each new member needs to have a adequate character back ground and history, and some sense of who their character is. We feel we are Heavy RP (though other guilds have said we are extreme, and others said we wern't at all). We do have a storyline for our guild running currently, usually an event happens once a month.

As a guild we run instances, challenge the Arena in Stranglethorn, and do goodwill events for lower levels. We are looking for members of all levels, races, and classes. We are looking for mature, intelligent, kind players who enjoy playing in an RP enviroment.