Basic InformationEdit

  • Guild Leader: Barlowe
  • Guild Officers: Coralie, Kalusyo, Sindana, Catrinne
  • Website:
  • Application: Contact Officer
  • Requirements & Restrictions: Maturity, Positive attitude, and good overall WoW etiquette
  • Roleplaying: Medium to Heavy
  • Guild Focus: Roleplaying, Character Development (RP wise and gear/skill etc), Friendships.

Guild DescriptionEdit

The Stormwraiths stand against those would exploit their power at the people's expense. They strive to remove the corruption which threatens to destroy the Alliance from within. Will you stand with them? [Up an coming guild, awesome members always looking for imaginative people to enjoy our WoW experience with. We have a running guild storyline (Completely optional to partake in), but enjoy new things brought to the table.]

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