Ordo Complector
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Contacts: Frore, Vimia, Yulius
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Requirements: Level 10+
Guild Focus: Roleplay (Heavy RP)
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Ordo Complector, which in the old Elven language means "Order of the Compass", is dedicated to gaining knowledge, through research, fieldwork and negotiation, with the aims to help direct the Alliance toward its goals. Focused on her citizens, Ordo Complector strives to defend the homelands of the Alliance while continuing research into the Scourge and the reach of its influence.

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After the Retribution of Arathor split in midsummer, Sarriel Lightchaser found herself at a loss as to where to focus her energies. Busying herself with working for her father, Stanhas Lightchaser, the priestess realized she no longer had a firm control on where her father's business was headed and from what she could tell, his plans were not necessarily profitable for the Alliance, nor would it further its goals. Sarriel took it into her own hands to do what she could to help the Alliance on its path.

She quickly contacted Frore and Antigone Varietas, both of whom had also been members of the Retribution of Arathor. Already an employee of House Lightchaser, Antigone did not hesitate in responding positively. Likewise, Frore, feeling confused about the loss of her home in the Retribution, agreed to help head the new order that Sarriel proposed.

Soon, the three women formed the council of Ordo Complector and set their minds and wills toward combining their knowledge in order to assist the Alliance. Many other members who had defected from the Retribution came to the new Order, bringing with them all the information and experience they had gained in the military unit. Now, though, they were focused on less offensive maneuvers. Ordo Complector quickly grew as news of the research guild spread through the Alliance's force.

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