• Changes 0.4
    • Skin changed to Slate.
    • Skin reworked (Top banner, middle banner etc).

  • Changes 0.3
    • Template:Guild is under works. 90% Ready.
    • Character Bio migration from Sentinels:Forums started.
    • Guild Listing migration from Sentinels:Forums started.
  • Changes 0.2
    • Multiple articles added from and connected to WoWWiki.
    • Main page reorganized further.
    • Requested categories added.
    • Work on a new Sentinel skin started.

Changes 0.1Edit

  • Biobox fixed to not let the headlines go through it.
  • Main page changed a little.
  • Horde added to the main menu.

(100 Articles) May 18th, 2007Edit

Earlier this afternoon we finally hit the first milestone that everyone seeks. A hundred pages that are considered articles! These can be large character pages that describe the character in question fully, or thorough guild pages. Submitted stories, too.
This means that more and more people have stumbled upon our pretty little wikia, and have started adding their own touches to the place.
Let's keep up the good work. And don't forget to direct your friends here, too. :)