A moderator protects the wiki community and serves the community's needs. Moderators are capable of rolling back changes on pages to restore them if they are vandalized, and locking and unlocking pages to protect them at the author's request. A moderator is not a gatekeeper, but a guardian.

We are currently recruiting moderators to help manage the Sentinels Wikia! For more information, please contact either Ravine or Ryouchia.

Previous AdministratorsEdit

  • Niain -- Afflictive AT - Inactive
  • Rothschild -- IRONxDevice (at) - Inactive

Active AdministratorsEdit

  • Ravine (talk) --yuyuyutrio (at) OR MSN:sakura_j (at) OR AIM: yutrio. Can also be contacted in-game on the Alliance-side through: Ravine, Amarestine, or Alamii.
  • Ryouchia (talk) Ryouchia (a) or on Windows Messenger/MSN: Ryouchia (a) Also Horde Side Alessandrae or Devica.

Current ModeratorsEdit