• Guild Leaders: Shrike, Shakta
  • Officers: Abrimetus, Varenn
  • Website:
  • Application: Website Forum Submission, In-Character Interview/Contact Officer
  • Requirements & Restrictions: Must be a roleplayer. Must be mature and willing to participate in the community. You do not have to be raid-ready, or even interested in raiding, though we gratefully welcome roleplayers interested in raiding. Malakim does not tolerate OOC drama.
  • Roleplaying: Heavy
  • Guild Focus: Community, Roleplaying, Social interactions, Instances/raids, PvP, zero OOC drama

Guild Information: Malakim began as an independent mercenary company, but became more: a large extended family, companions and comrades in almost everything, a haven for some, and a home for many. When Malakim formally separated, its community and its spirit remained strong, and even grew over time, until it was unavoidable that the members coalesce again into the family they had remained.

During a period of Malakim's inactivity, several members founded another guild, called Eruditio Patronus. When Malakim returned to full activity, Eruditio Patronus joined with Malakim to forge a new guild bearing the original Malakim name. Together with old allies and new friends, the Malakim stepped out of their mercenary origins and into a full-fledged para-military organization dedicated to defeating threats to Azeroth and Outland, and standing fast against attacks from either faction that threaten the tenuous peace.

Malakim is now a united community, though always seeking to grow.

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