Herrmole Spitetusk, Shaman of The Horde


Unable to recall where he was born or raised, Herrmole was found unconscious and unarmored in front of the gates of Lordaeron three summers ago.

At the time that he was found his bags contained only four small artifacts inscribed with markings representing the four elements. Nursed back to health by a Forsaken named Mary Edras, Herrmole stayed in The Undercity and developed a true respect for his Undead allies.

Herrmole remembers only his first name, and took the surname Spitetusk after much prodding from some Forsaken he had befriended during his stay in Undercity. One particular individual, Michael Garrett always made it a point to ask, "How do you eat with those things sticking out of your face?".

When he was in suitable health to travel Herrmole traveled across the sea to Thunder Bluff to retrain in his Shamanistic ways, Beram Skychaser of the Tauren schooled him in the was of Elementalism and gave him his blessing after only two short weeks of training.


Mieville was once the loyal steed of an unknown human mage. Constantly abused, the noble horse was on the brink of mutiny when his owner encountered Herrmole out for a stroll in Tirisfal. In the ensuing scuffle the mage was killed and Mieville was injured. Herrmole tended to the horse as best he could, but he succumbed to his injuries.

Feeling extreme guilt towards contributing to the innocent horse's death, Herrmole brought his reins to the Warlocks of the Undercity, who at his request reanimated the horse- who was been inseperable from the Troll ever since.

Military RecordEdit

Herrmole has previously served the Horde, achieving the rank of First Sergeant. While most of his fighting was done under the command of the Warsong Outriders he has recieved a certain notoriety while serving the Frostwolf Clan as well.