Haldroun Frostfury
Guild Scarlet Dawn
Title Unknown
Nicknames Hald, Hal
Game Name Hal
Class Mage
Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Age Unknown, rumored to be over 10,000
Height 6'1"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Wavy Black
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Fair
Alignment Himself
Professions Engineer

Haldroun Frostfury (His real name unknown, some say he is his great Ancestor Kultas Frostfury) is a mage living within Silvermoon. Its rumored that during the War of the Ancients, Haldroun imbued himself with energies from the well, making him perminently immortal. He then contiuned making his family line, taking fake names in order to seem like a son. Then, 5 years after the Scourge invaded, he found himself in a dilemea. With fel energies running amuck, he found most of his Bretheren insane and evil. He then took up their evil, damned ways. Unfortunatly, unlike the rest of his race, he did not want to go back to his old self. Callast, evil, and out right brutal. Haldroun plays himself off as a victim of the Scourge, luring unsuspecting people to their deaths.