Graymane looked across the new frontier with awe. It was just as her niece had mentioned - raw and wild, with fierce creatures that the Tauren had no history of. She had some hesitation and fear about coming through the portal, but her niece had assured her that the clan would be there to help. She patted her wolf mount and rode onward, whistling to her pure white war cat to follow.

Graymane's niece, Onattie, had last visited her in Bloodhoof Village a short time after leaving her first clan in disgrace. The proud young cow was broken and tearful, and sometimes beyond console. Graymane had seen no sense in that clan - a war clan different than the one she had been in at Onattie's age, but had supported her niece when possible. Onattie's sudden departure from that clan had not come as a surprise to the wise and experienced hunter with many battles behind her. Nor was there surprise when her niece asked for Graymane's blessing on the new clan. She had expected to see the you cow leading someday, although she still had a lot to learn.

What she didn't expect though, was Onattie insisting that she come out to the new frontier. "I'm retired," she argued, "nobody is going to want to babysit a hunter who only knows the battleground." Onattie insisted, "You have knowledge that you can share, you can quit sitting around and turning to leather. Use your knowledge to help with the clan." All right, she agreed, she'd come. And now she was here. It did look exciting, the skirmishes she could see in the distance were nothing like the ones from the battlegrounds of her youth - but the sound of arms and smell of blood brought back some fond memories. Perhaps she'd try this - just for a little while. The green fields of Mulgore would still be there if she decided to go back.

Guild Eternal Strength
Title Chancellor
Nicknames Gray, Ona, Nat, Liz
Game Name Graymane
Class Hunter
Race Tauren
Gender Female
Age 65
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color
Skin Color Gray
Alignment non-aligned
Professions Tailor 335/Enchantor 265