Gerd Aldlander
Guild Kindred Spirits
Title Eredan's Faithful Hound
Nicknames none
Game Name Gerd
Class Rogue
Race Forsaken
Gender female.
Age appx. 19 at time of death.
Height 5'4"
Weight 120 lbs.
Hair Color dark grey-brown
Eye Color none, usually wears blindfold
Skin Color death-pale, with ruddy bones.
Alignment Lawful neutral
Professions Gnomish Engineering, Mining.

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Appearance: Gerd has been dead for a long time. Her few remaining scraps of flesh are waxy and shrivelled. The wraps covering her brow and eye sockets are probably a kindness. Her exposed bones are incised with swirling Scourge designs and rubbed with a red ocher. She walks with a soldier's swaggering gait, though her arms and fighting harness are light. At any given time, she carries a bewildering variety of knives, gadgets, bombs, and small, intricate tools.



Gerd and Eredan

Cautious and forthright. She considers herself a realist. Unlike many Forsaken, Gerds memories are intact, and her mind unshattered. However, like many ex-soldiers, she often has difficulty dealing with ordinary social situations. Gerds growing discomfort with the motives of the Forsaken and their similarity to the goals of the Scourge has driven her away from the Undercity. She trusts no one save the Forsaken mage Eredan, with whom she seems to share an uncommon bond.


Gerd began her conscription in the Scourge at the very beginning of the Third War, when the Cult of the Damned were spreading the plague of Undeath through Lordaeron. Siezed by the undead legions as they began marching on Tirisfal, her intelligence and resolution earned her an officer's place, rather than joining the mindless infantry. Held under the iron sway of the Lich King, Gerd did many terrible things. She remembers all of them.

After her reawakening as a Forsaken, Gerd joined the mercenary troop known as Reckless Will, run by the ex-paladin known as Nhaxxanol. Differences between Nhaxxanol and Eredan forced them to leave the Reckless, and they were taken in by the Guild Kindred Spirits, run by the gentle Druid Sedrik and the more manic tauren Engineer Branek. Though initially wary of befriending the exuberant clan of warriors, engineers and artists, Gerd has settled into her new life among the Kindred. Her distrust of others has been greatly assuaged by her friendship with the gentle Sestina, as well as the gruff ex-Lordaeron guard Blake North.


People, gambling, finding out secrets, exploring new places, solitude, tinkering in her workshop, her fellow Kindred.


Being touched. Dry heat. The vices and trappings of power. Corruption, demons, the taint of the Scourge, and arrogant fire mages who think they know everything just because they were educated in Dalaran.

Other NotesEdit

OOC: Gerd Aldlander is also the main character of the fanfic story In the Hand of the Scourge, a ridiculously long serial soap-opera set during the events of Warcraft III, posted on the Sentinels Realm Forums. Begun only a month after Sentinels Server was opened to players, nearly a year later it is still not finished. Opinions vary as to the quality of this project.

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