Guild Kindred Spirits
Title Stalker of the Shattered Hand
Nicknames Fido
Game Name Fides
Class Rogue
Race Troll
Gender Male
Age 20
Height Slightly taller than the average troll.
Weight Thin
Hair Color Flame Red
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Aqua Blue
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Professions Skinning & Leatherworking

Physical Appearance Edit

A rather tall and lanky troll often dressed head to foot in dark leather, the perfectly unscarred skin that shows is a light aqua blue that contrasts strongly with the tuft of red spikes that jet from his scalp. With tusks that, unlike so many of his brethren, jut up along the sides of his cheeks, it gives full view to the sarcastic smirk that his lips seem to curve into naturally. Often he can be seen shifting about in a manner that, if one did not know him well, looks rather nervous, a faint clinking sound from the bags always tied at his belt whenever he moves.

Personality Edit

To his friends, he might seem the sort of troll that was best watched carefully. He often plays practical jokes on those he calls allies, as well as jokes that may or may not be taken lightly. Almost seeming to be a lighthearted trickster, it is mainly the sudden shrewd glances that destroy that image. However much he may seem like someone that would not help, he has fought and been badly injured for those that would get his trust, a feat in of itself.

To his enemies, the gleaming blades and cruel grin that stays on his lips almost permanently in the heat of battle are the two things that stand out most. It's with cruel efficiency that he he fights, often capturing those much weaker than himself to experiment on, always determined to find another strain of poison that he can use to rid his enemies of their lives.

History Edit

There's no clear idea of whom his parents are. Found alone and wrapped in a blanket underneath a tree by an older troll, he grew up not knowing what had happened to the two that had given him life. He spent his younger years raised by the old troll, taught how to sneak around undetected and, most importantly to him, the art of brewing poisons. The young Fides took to those lessons well, learning all that his mentor had to teach him within only a few years.

At the age of 17, when he was deemed ready to go out into the world, he was taken to the Valley of Trials and left there to fend for himself with nothing but the clothes on his back and a worn dagger. Though at first he was a timid troll, he quickly learned that the world was a much harsher place than where he had lived his entire life. He quickly rose in skill, enough to be noted and approached by the Shattered Hand. He now works as a Stalker, an assassin and a shadow on those that have caught his eye... though not in a good way.