Eternal Strength Edit

Guild Leader: Onattie

Officers/Contacts: Fleurdelis, Choris, Rosemyst

Website: http://EternalStrength.NET

Application: Please contact the Guild Leader or any of the officers in game or via the WoW mail system to let us know you are interested, we will then interview.

Requirements & Restrictions: All Horde races, classes and levels are welcome, we have characters from level 1 to 70. Requirements: Friendly and a willing attitude towards helping others. The ability to work as a team player is a must. Restrictions: We do not allow profanity or disrespect of other players under any circumstances. If you cannot conduct yourself with honor, please do not apply. Please read our rules and guidelines on our website.

Roleplaying: Light roleplaying, never required but always encouraged!

Guild Focus: Focus is on having fun and enjoying the game. Our guild is our family! We help one another, have guild events and enjoy all levels of instances.

Ventrillo: yes, we have Ventrilo set up.

Guild Information: This is a guild that views its members as a family. Our "eternal strength" comes from the bond and camaraderie our members share with each other. Our main focus is on having fun and enjoying every aspect of the game - questing, PvP, instances, etc. We help one another to achieve our goals and enjoy the beautiful world of Azeroth. (please note we focus on helping but are not "power-levelers") We enjoy role-playing in our forums and in game. If your goal is to have fun, relax and enjoy the game, either as a casual or serious player, enjoy friendly guild chatter in game and in Ventrilo, then seek no further, you've found a home and a haven here with us. FOR THE HORDE!

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