The Crimson Jewel was a tavern that ran under the management of Kitra Aeldron. Once residing in the large building in The Park in Stormwind, it has since moved to a more cozier location in Ironforge after believing that the former building was cursed as it attracted too much trouble. Regulars of the tavern found that the stalwart dwarves of Ironforge are likely to respond to requests of assistance when someone undesirable wasn't welcome than the lazy guards of Stormwind.

The location change wasn't well advertised, and people who frequented the place liked it that way, so as not to invite trouble. Many members of the Retribution of Arathor stopped by there, tossing stories to eachother over Kit's cooking and tavern drink. Her tea was especially famous for those that didn't induce in alcohol.

The tavern formally closed its doors sometime last year. Its old location in Stormwind was succeeded by The Wayward Son.

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