Clypso Swiftflame was born of the Bloodscalp tribe of Stranglthorn vale. But they found her to be very ugly. She had very short tusks and would be considered attractive to those of the humans and elves. This is why she was found to be ugly by her tribe. So her mother and father decided to do the humane thing and have her destroyed. They took her deep into the jungle and left her there to die when she was just a small child. Alone, frightened, hungry and cold Clypso sat down beside a tree and began to cry. When all of a sudden she heared a rustle in the bushes next to her. She cringed down behind a bush and held her breath as to not give her position away. Fear crept up on her and she felt like running but didn't for she knew she was small and would be caught. Then a muscular troll appeared through the bushes. His hair was white as snow and skin was very pale. He looked down on the small Bloodscalp and a smile appeared on his face. He took the child in his arms and assured her it was alright, she had been rescued. He then took her to a land of ice an snow. Clypso was amazed for she had never seen this. He told her he was a member of the Winteraxe Tribe. The Chief of the tribe gave him permission to adopt young Clypso and because of her feistyness and blood red hair they gave her the surname of Swiftflame. Her adopted father being a hunter taught her all there was to know about hunting. Once she reached the age of adulthood She was sent to meet the leader of the Darkspear Tribe as an emissary for the Winteraxe Tribe to assure a place in the Horde for her tribe.

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