Chronicles is an OOC, heavy roleplaying guild that has survived, in one form or another, for eight years through multiple games.

About ChroniclesEdit

Chronicles is an OOC guild that does not exist, in character, within the World of Warcraft RP environment. This means that while our guild members are free to create whatever character stories and alignments they wish, they also must come up with RP connections to other guild members on their own. There's no free "Hey, you're a member, too?" connection.

Our roleplay is mature but not ERP. We play villains as well as heroes, and often choose to blur that line in our stories as happens in real life. The only limit is that our characters and stories must fit within established Warcraft lore; we have no vampires, gods, dragons, demons, furries, or transplants from other fictional worlds.

Members of Chronicles must be independent. Because we are a small guild of adults, there will be times when /guildchat is silent. While most of us have many, many alts, we may not have an alt of your level or we may not be able to (or willing to) log that alt on at any given time. While the guild exists to build friendships, joining Chronicles does not guarantee groups, gear, powerleveling, or money.

You create your own experience with Chronicles.

RP story forumEdit

We have a very active RP story forum at our guild board. It's open to friends and guildmates alike, so feel free to post your stories there.

Requirements for AdmissionEdit

  1. Age 18+ minimum, 21+ preferred; demonstrated maturity; no morons or jerks allowed
  2. Proficiency with the English language; no doodspeak (except sarcasm)
  3. Heavy roleplayers only, preferably (though not required) with an interest in raiding both old world content and endgame content
  4. Register and actively participate on the forum
  5. Follow all game rules, guild rules, and RP server rules
  6. Group with us, get to know us, and see if we're a good fit for you while we see if you're a good fit for us
  7. No drama; no emo; we are a guild, not a free therapy organization
  8. Independent, self-starter, self-supporter; we are not a charity or powerleveling service, nor will you always get a group
  9. Follow the guild communications policy
  10. No extensive game bashing; we pay the game to play, not to complain

Most importantly, you must speak up.

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