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  • Guild Contacts: Grimgash, Ner'zok, Zagim, Khabani
  • Website:
  • Application: Website Application (or) Speak with Contacts
  • Requirements & Restrictions: Orc, Tauren or Troll exclusively.
  • Roleplaying: Heavy
  • Guild Focus: Roleplay. PvE, PvP, Raiding, Instancing are welcome but not forced on members.


Our freedom was bought with the blood of our ancestors, the Beloved Dead.
We are the Bloodwolves, we honor them, and we live to be worthy of their sacrifice.

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Horde Roleplay and Blood Elf Roleplay are two things, and since the month of january, we have seen too little of one. There is no hatred towards the blood elves or the forsaken, no discrimination, we simply wish to promote roleplay of the other races. The world of Warcraft has an original take on the orcish (trolls and "minotaurs" also) race, portraying them as a more spiritual race rather than the blood-thirsty spawns of evil that we know them as in most fantasy settings. We wish to promote that. We wish to enjoy that original twist.

We too, as a guild take more of a spiritual/shamanistic path, rather than a military force. Mind you, the Bloodwolves are loyal to the Horde and will fight for the safety of our people. Even the warlocks amongt us seek acceptance, to prove to the Horde that they are loyal and devoted.

Roleplay aside, damnit we're here to have fun. This is a game and that is our take on it. Come on in, enjoy yourself and be part of an easy going, fun family. Please leave your shoes, socks(Please wash your feet) and drama at the door. How you enjoy the game is yours to decide. PvP or not, Raid or not, stay level 1 and spend your days roleplaying your heart out.

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