To create a roleplay storyline/plot listing, create a new page on the wiki with the title of the storyline (eg.: type into your browser) and copy the following text into the new page's edit box, filling in the appropriate information.

Don't be afraid to add on to this for you own purposes! Encourage people involved to expand upon the page, and describe the latest plot progressions. Most of all, have fun with it. This can be your roleplay plot's "main page" on the Internet.

<font size=4>Name of Storyline</font>
=Basic Information=
*Light / medium / medium-heavy / heavy RP
*Type of RP (Criminal, Law Enforcment, etc...)
*Level Requirment (if any)
*Class requirment (if any)
*How to get in on the RP ICly


=Important Notes=

=Characters Involved=