Aurora Nova
Paladin Human Female
Guild Sisters of Passion
Title None
Nicknames None
Game Name Auroranova
Class Paladin
Race Human
Gender Female
Age Classified
Height Classified
Weight Classified
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Olive
Alignment Classified
Professions Mining and Blacksmithing

Hard on the people are these troubled times, and the House of Nova finds itself no exception. A family of minor nobility once living in what is now Duskwood finds itself scattered across the face of the Eastern Kingdoms as war rages with the Scourge and other dark forces of the shadow.

For her part, Aurora Nova has done her best to fight against these coming darknesses. Having joined her uncle Cadfael at the Northshire Abbey, she found her calling with the warriors of the faith, and taken up shield and mace in defense of the lands and the world as a paladin.

She finds herself now in Outland, having trained, but still honing, her skills of the Light with the blessed naaru of the Sha'tari.

Her family includes:

  • Baronet Simon Nova, her father, head of the House of Nova, veteran of the Second War.
  • Baronetess Olivia Morion Nova, her mother, sadly deceased.
  • Her uncle Cadfael Morion, her mother's older brother, priest-of-the-world out of Northshire Abbey.
  • Her cousin Achaea Nova, her father's youngest brother's child, a mage-in-training.
  • Maxwell Oakenhammer, a retired dwarven rifleman who fought with her father in the Second War. His time is now given to hunting.